Monday, October 24, 2005

A brief pause

A few of you just tuned in having been made aware of this site by reading egon (, a comics-related info site and a damn good one at that if you, like me, like to keep abreast of the cutting edge work by guys who really, honestly and truly thought that the world of The Little Rascals which they (O.K., we) watched on afterschool T.V. was the way the world really should be, but when they (we) went out into the neighborhood to try to organize soapbox derbies were promptly laughed at and ridiculed to the point of never setting foot out of the house, thereby discovering the hexed pleasures of reading comic books and memorizing each and every panel as a substitute for interacting with their (our, our, our) so-called peers. Anyhow, guys, and I do mean Guys, if you are looking for the arch and icily detached irony oh-so-popular in today’s comics climate, forgive me if I disappoint. This blogsite has nothing to do with the comics side of my multiple personality disorder, the side on display here is the befuddled old fart side. But just to prevent your trip from being an utter waste of time I have included the drawing below that I did for James Sturm, author of “The Golem’s Mighty Swing” a swell read and’s Best Comic of 2001, that can, and should, be purchased here:

and his recently opened Center for Cartoon Studies:


Canis Lupus Horribilis said...

I'm waiting yous sofa foto!

Paul Karasik said...

Can someone help me out here? Is there a coded message so devilishly complex hidden in my blog that I didn't even realize I wrote it? Maybe if someone else has a yous sofa foto they could post it here for joao.